Das IronGeek


Das IronGeek puts a set of 6 press and bloggers attending SXSW through a series of 5 fun, technology related challenges such as typing speed and accuracy test or assembling a server, all intended to test their "geekiness".

Presented by Das Keyboard, Das IronGeek is designed to bring together a sampling of companies exhibiting and the press or bloggers attending SXSW for some friendly competition.

Das IronGeek information will also be shared on Twitter @DASIRONGEEK and #IRONGEEK.

  • · I Hour Out of 10 Electric Days Every 365
  • · 6 Influencers Representing 1,500
  • · 5 Highlighted Companies from 300
  • · 1 Crowned IronGeek of SXSW 2011
  • · At SXSW Block Party, 3 to 5 pm, March 15

The Competitors


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Harry McCracken

Harry McCracken is a 2+ decade influencer in the tech community, writing and analyzing technology, hardware and software, of all sorts. He spent years at IDG, including leading PC World editorial content. For the past few years, he's been building the well regarded Technologizer brand, now a partner of and contributor to Time Magazine.

Amanda Coolong

Amanda Coolong is COO, executive producer and host of TechZulu, an independent news organization delivering an insightful story of the technology industry by highlighting the personalities behind the brands. She has over a decade of experience working with entrepreneurs and early stage technology startups.

Nan Palmero

Nan Palmero is a contributing writer for the San Antonio Express-News, the BlackBerry Power User on BlackBerryCool and Chief Inspiration Officer at Salesby5. He spends his holidays being a nerd-to-english translator and fixing gadgets that arenít really broken for friends and family.

Joshua Baer

Josh Baer is an serial entrepreneur, angel investor, co-founder of Austin incubator Capital Factory, and one of the most connected people in Austin. Business highlights include creating and selling SKYLIST, one of the first email marketing companies, to Datran Media, and currently running OtherInbox. Not a traditional journalist, Josh is a blogger, social media junkie, and influencer representing the ATX in Das IronGeek.

Larry Chiang

Larry Chiang is an entrepreneur, blogger, speaker, security and privacy expert, networker, general man-about-town. He is CEO of, a site that facilitates peer-to-peer banking, got into creating businesses with a student credit card sales machine started in his dorm room at Illinois. He currently edits the channel: What They Don't Teach at Business School for BusinessWeek.

Lydia Leavitt

Lydia Leavitt is a tech journalist contributing to a number of outlets focusing on startups, mobile, SEO, social media, and oddly enough, sex technology. Lydia likes to make videos on and regularly contributes to TG Daily, CrunchGear, RCR Wireless, TechEye, and Pocket-lint to name a few. Obsessed with shiny gadgets, she's rarely caught without her phone to snap a pic or send out a tweet. A social networking princess, Lydia is orginally from Boston (yes Red Sox fan!) but now calls New York City home.